Product Benefits
Save on Labor Costs The most  important benefit of NUDURA is the amount of labor it can save you. NUDURA technology has a unique combination of time and money saving design features that makes NUDURA fast and easy to build with. " With NUDURA I spend up to 50% less on labor than I did with other ICF systems that I have used." Gord Harris, Donkers Harris Ltd. Listowel, Ontario  


Save on Sub-Trades NUDURA builders keep their own crews busy and can avoid needless delays waiting for sub - contractors by building their own foundations. "Two of the reasons I build with NUDURA is to get more control over the quality of my basements and to capture the margins that I used to Sub-contract out." Allan Finlayson, Allan Finlayson Construction, Cardinal, Ontario  
Reduced Maintenance Conventional construction can be prone to maintenance problems such as drywall pops and basement leaks. Building with NUDURA  can solve these problems and let you build stronger, more durable and more energy efficient buildings for your customers. " NUDURA has virtually eliminated the drywall callbacks I frequently used to receive when I built wood-framed homes." Gerald DeRoeper , HB&R Carpentry Holland Landing, Ontario
  Building your Reputation The use of NUDURA singles you out as an adopter of innovative technology and a builder of integrity  and value. Many clients are now looking at value- added alternatives to conventional construction. Builders and their customers who have used NUDURA speak in glowing terms of it's strength, durability and energy-efficiency. "Building with NUDURA is a point of difference for me. It sets me apart from traditional builders, and gets me more business." Jeff Becker, Redwood Homes Collingwood, Ontario  
Reliable support At NUDURA, customer support goes far beyond merely answering your telephone queries. Our knowledgeable and helpful staff will put you in touch with your local authorized NUDURA distributor who can provide you with technical guidance and market support. "My NUDURA distributor provides tremendous support. Over the years I've received numerous leads and many jobs from my distributor." Rod Densmore Rod Densmore Contracting Ltd. Coviquet Bay, Nova Scotia    
  Comprehensive Training is a crucial component of any new technology. In this respect, NUDURA is committed to providing product training to its builder-clients who want to adopt this innovative technology. Training encompasses proper NUDURA installation and estimating practices as well as concrete placement techniques and connection details. " My first NUDURA job was a 1800sq.ft basement. We started on a Monday with just 4 guys and were finished pouring concrete by Wednesday afternoon. Now that's fast!" Terry Chappel, Dales Carpentry, Port Elgin, Ontario  

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Jamesway Construction Group started laying NUDURA block in early January and by the end of March had completed the 8 stories of this apartment complex. President Al Way and Project Manager Daryl Bender quickly learned how to build with ICF and the benefits of using the product n the middle of winter. This project is on Auburn St. in Waterloo.  


Versatile? You can bet on it Jamesway Construction group did...


ICF building tips The following are a number of tips  put together to help with the installation of the AIM block as well as general tips that some people have maybe forgotten since their training Tip 1 - Wall tilting before pour. Always ensure that the wall is turned in towards the braces before pouring concrete. This will ensure ability to straighten the wall with out having to "pull the wall" in. Tip 2 - Rebar placement. After the first row of rebar is placed have someone cut identical rebar lengths and lay them in front of the wall. You will find that the rebar pattern like the block will repeat it self. This saves a lot of time when the rebar is handy. Tip 3 - Make your window bucks up ahead of time so that when you are building you just set them in place. Tip 4 - Level after 2 courses. The best time to level the walls is after the 2nd course has been laid. If you are shimming the the wall up then place the shim under the plastic web so there will be no compression. If the weather is right you can foam under the wall after it is level to tighten things up. 


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