Company Profile
IsoMatrixx is a major distributor for the industry leading "NUDURA" Integrated Building Technology. NUDURAís major product is its revolutionary Insulated Concrete Form quickly becoming the Contractor favourite due to its many time saving and patented features.

IsoMatrixx distributes in a major portion of Southwestern Ontario and provides the following services and support to Contractor Installers of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF). We are also suppliers of Superior Seal vinyl windows and doors.

    • NUDURA ICF material at affordable prices, delivery included to your site.
    • Rental or sale of alignment systems.
    • ICF accessories such as support tape, top tape, low expansion foam, brick ledge stirrups, Form loc, etc.
    • Take off services on potential or confirmed projects.
    • Technical services supplied through our office or in conjunction with the NUDURA technical services department.
    • Area advertising leading to potential job leads.

To potential home owners we can provide

    • Names and numbers of Contractors/Installers in your area.
    • Design support as required.
    • Technical services supplied through our office or in conjunction with the NUDURA technical services department.
    • Names of satisfied customers living in homes built with NUDURA technology.

IsoMatrixx is owned and managed by Dan Straus with his wife Eva in the office to provide immediate access. Technical support is a phone call away or available for site support as required.

Located in Petersburg, near Kitchener we are able to quickly provide delivery to most points in our distribution territory on an almost daily basis if needed, thanks to our large quantity of on site inventory and fleet availability.

Contact us today to find out more about utilizing the NUDURA products in your quality building operation or in the design and build of the most important investment of your life.

NUDURA is a Canadian owned and operated Company with manufacturing located in Canada.


Impressive support from Concrete Associations I would have to say that the one thing that has really stood out to me since our inception as a distributor of ICF is the support from the Concrete Associations on building with ICF. Although they have an interest in selling more concrete they have also recognized that homeowners are getting a superior built home. It has also however helped them in being able to reduce the number of call backs and complaints on foundations compared with conventional foundations. ICF creates the ideal curing conditions for concrete and this means less cracks due to improper curing. Less cracks means less call backs or refunds. You can contact any of the concrete associations and they can provide packages showing how well ICF is being accepted and as to how it benefits the Contractors and home owners. Kudos to these associations for their support.

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